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XSensors 0.70

A program designed to display all the related information from motherboard sensors

Feb 5th 2010, 07:21 GMT

CPU-G 0.9.0 Beta

Hardware information tool

Oct 15th 2009, 12:27 GMT

Linux nForce Driver 1.25

The driver pack for the nVidia motherboards.

Feb 27th 2009, 20:56 GMT

QtFan 1.0

QtFan software provides a GUI to fan speed control.

Oct 22nd 2007, 16:24 GMT

EPoX wmsensormon 1.2.0 EP-8RDA3I

A hack based on the original wmsensormon package

Nov 13th 2006, 18:50 GMT 0.1 is a small perl-program which monitors the temperature and voltages of CPU and mother...

Nov 3rd 2006, 18:29 GMT

lm-monitor 1.0

lm-monitor is a daemon that run sensors at a defined interval (15 seconds by default) and checks t...

Sep 26th 2006, 16:35 GMT

Sensors 1.0

Sensors is a SuperKaramba theme for motherboard sensors monitoring.

Jul 11th 2006, 16:18 GMT

xmbmon 2.05

xmbmon is a monitoring program for motherboards.

Oct 7th 2005, 10:05 GMT

WMsensormon 1.2.1

Wmsensormon is a doc app for WindowMaker that utilizes lm_sensors to monitor CPU temp, sys temp, f...

Sep 29th 2005, 21:37 GMT