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AdvanceMAME 0.106.0

AdvanceMAME is a port of the MAME and MESS emulators for arcade monitors, TVs, and PC monitors.

May 22nd 2008, 14:06 GMT

Xstatuspanel 1.1

Xstatuspanel is a collection of system status monitors for Linux, all bundled up into one X11 appl...

Nov 6th 2007, 22:26 GMT

check_iseries 0.3.1

check_iseries plugin for Nagios monitors the IBM iSeries (AS/400).

May 24th 2007, 04:35 GMT

KLCMonitorApplet 2.0.6

KLCMonitorApplet provides a LineControl monitoring applet for Kicker.

Apr 25th 2007, 03:05 GMT

WWC 1.0

WWC provides a tool which monitors changes in Web sites.

Apr 23rd 2007, 21:05 GMT

wmlj 0.4.0

wmlj provides a monitor for X11/Window Maker.

Apr 19th 2007, 04:05 GMT

VNC Spy 0.1

VNC Spy monitors network traffic to find keystrokes entered into a VNC viewer.

Oct 27th 2006, 14:52 GMT

gvacm 1.0

gvacm is a small application that monitors the chassis status of nodes connected to a VACM nexxus.

Sep 30th 2006, 01:05 GMT

Intelligent Filesystem Guard 1.0

Intelligent Filesystem Guard is a tool that monitors information about changes in files and direct...

Apr 26th 2006, 20:07 GMT

PolarViewer 1.3.1

PolarViewer is a viewer application for exercise files recorded with Polar heartrate monitors.

Mar 12th 2006, 19:35 GMT