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Oracle PDF Import Extension 1.0.4

A free extension that allows users to modify any existing PDF file

Oct 26th 2013, 05:46 GMT

UFPM 1.5.0

Uniform File Permission Modifier

Sep 19th 2010, 09:25 GMT

Modeliner 0.3.0

Modeliner is a Vim plugin that generates modeline according to the current settings.

Jun 27th 2008, 10:29 GMT

IceMe 1.1.1

IceMe is a graphical menu editor for IceWM written in Python and GTK.

Nov 20th 2007, 14:48 GMT

Access Modifier Eclipse Plug-in 1.2.6

Access Modifier Eclipse Plug-in allows the user to change the visibility and other modifiers of Ja...

Jun 29th 2006, 15:41 GMT

MinDia 0.97.3

MinDia is an application for creating, modifying, and presenting multimedia slide shows.

May 30th 2005, 21:51 GMT