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Minefield 0.2

This little project provides you with an attractive Minesweeper clone, with a retro feel

Jul 26th 2013, 20:04 GMT

elemines 0.2.3 Beta

A minesweeper game for Linux

Apr 1st 2013, 23:56 GMT

Picmi 1.9.95

A minesweeper and picross clone

May 8th 2012, 06:20 GMT

Minestein 2.00

A Minesweeper game with no guessing, plus a hint system

Mar 18th 2011, 12:40 GMT

Smartsweeper Beta

An application of neural networks to the game of minesweeper

May 19th 2010, 01:18 GMT

emMines 1.0

emMines is a minesweeper game in three dimensions.

Apr 29th 2008, 09:12 GMT

BushSweeper 1.0

BushSweeper is a clone of minesweeper game and it is cross platform.

Jan 28th 2008, 14:03 GMT

Clustermines 0.7.3

Clustermines is a minesweeper game in Java.

Aug 17th 2007, 08:05 GMT

Buscayasminas 0.30a

Buscayasminas is an open source 'Minesweeper' alike game totally written in DHTML.

Aug 22nd 2006, 09:35 GMT

Hexagonal Minesweeper 0.2.1

Hexagonal Minesweeper is a puzzle game, inspired by famous Minesweeper.

Jun 24th 2006, 01:35 GMT

Minesweeper 3D 20050904

Minesweeper 3D is a three-dimensional remake of the classic Minesweeper game.

Sep 5th 2005, 04:39 GMT

KMines 2.1.5

KMines is an adaptation of the classic Minesweeper game.

Jun 20th 2005, 21:07 GMT