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gbrainy 2.2.2

This project provides a captivating brain trainer and teaser game for Linux systems

Sep 17th 2013, 13:58 GMT

Xye 0.12.2

A free version of the classic game Kye

Aug 16th 2013, 23:42 GMT

How is your brain? 1

A simple memory game written in Python and PyGame

Jul 7th 2009, 10:31 GMT

Brain Twist: Circles-n-Squares 1.0

How primitive is your brain?

Jun 9th 2009, 06:13 GMT

Kudus 0.3

Kudus is a Suduko game.

Feb 23rd 2008, 06:56 GMT

Clustermines 0.7.3

Clustermines is a minesweeper game in Java.

Aug 17th 2007, 08:05 GMT

KBoxes- 1.4

KBoxes! project is a little mind game.

Nov 25th 2006, 04:05 GMT
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KSlide 1.0.1

Kslide is one of those little games very simple but time consuming.

Sep 16th 2006, 18:35 GMT

Atomix 2.14.0

Atomix is yet another little mind game.

Mar 12th 2006, 02:35 GMT

GnomerMind 1.0.1

GnomerMind is a puzzle game for Gnome, loosely based on the classic MasterMind game.

Jan 20th 2006, 23:09 GMT