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bottle-memcache 0.2

Memcache integration for Bottle

Jul 31st 2012, 16:57 GMT

nexus-memcache 0.3.6

Memcache Plugin for Nexus

Dec 21st 2011, 19:30 GMT

django-versionedcache 0.1.2

Django versioned cache

Nov 15th 2011, 10:16 GMT
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Peafowl 0.9

A light weight server for reliable distributed message passing.

May 2nd 2011, 07:19 GMT

Memcached Functions for MySQL 1.1

A set of MySQL UDFs (user defined functions) to work with memcached using libmemcached.

Nov 18th 2009, 19:48 GMT

Memcache Engine for MySQL 0.7

Memcache Engine for MySQL project allows memcache to work as a storage engine to MySQL.

Nov 8th 2007, 15:35 GMT

memcachefs 0.5

A FUSE-based filesystem which can mount the memcache server

Aug 13th 2007, 14:24 GMT