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Check md5sum within Dolphin 0.1

Easily verify md5sum files from Dolphin

Oct 8th 2012, 06:09 GMT

digup 0.6.40

A Digest Updating Tool

Feb 3rd 2011, 10:46 GMT

cfv 1.18.3

cfv tests and create sfv, csv, crc, md5, md5sum, BSD md5, sha1sum, and torrent files.

Jun 9th 2009, 07:18 GMT

md5copy 0.1

An utility that will copy one or more files / directories to a destination, and compute an md5 che...

Oct 2nd 2008, 13:29 GMT

md5gz r506

md5gz is an utility that can run md5sum on compressed files.

Aug 12th 2008, 03:04 GMT

cvsum 0.4

cvsum is a Kommander script that allows you to check the checksums for downloaded ISO files.

Oct 17th 2007, 16:13 GMT

mastpass 0.1

mastpass project is a small Kommander script that can generate passwords using either md5sum or sh...

Oct 15th 2007, 15:03 GMT

MD5 FileCheck 0.5

MD5 FileCheck is a simple MD5 file fingerprint utility.

Sep 12th 2007, 16:13 GMT

md5sha1sum 0.9.5

md5sha1sum project provides md5sum, sha1sum, and ripemd160sum.

Dec 7th 2006, 16:26 GMT