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SQLAlchemy 0.9.8

An Open Source SQL toolkit and object relational mapper for the Python programming language

Dec 15th 2014, 09:09 GMT

FreeMind 1.0.1

A cross-platform and Open Source mind-mapping application and intuitive data editor

Oct 24th 2014, 09:30 GMT

m01.mongo 0.10.1

MongoDB connection pool and container implementation for Zope3

May 25th 2012, 03:07 GMT

MindRaider 8.0

MindRaider is Semantic Web outliner.

Dec 7th 2011, 08:32 GMT

RadialNet 0.44

RadialNet is a network visualization tool.

Mar 5th 2008, 04:03 GMT

KMap IME 0.9.5

KMap IME is a Java based Input Method Editor.

Feb 7th 2008, 12:03 GMT

Starchart 3.2.2

Starchart is a software that produce maps of the stars.

Nov 18th 2007, 10:07 GMT

Ipmap 2007-10-17

Ipmap is an IP address grapher, inspired by an xkcd comic and glTail.

Oct 28th 2007, 17:05 GMT

KDE Network Mapper 0.2.0

KNetmap is a network discovery, scanning, and probing tool for KDE.

Sep 6th 2005, 20:53 GMT