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Cedar Backup 2.24.2

A Python package for backing up files from local and remote Linux and BSD machines

Jan 6th 2015, 06:48 GMT

Userinfo 2.4

Userinfo is a console utility to display a variety of information about a local user.

Apr 9th 2013, 09:45 GMT

cutools 0.5.0

Check local modifications in upstream branch

Sep 12th 2012, 10:23 GMT

LocalWiki 0.4.3

A tool for collaboration in local communities

Aug 31st 2012, 17:57 GMT

django-localdevstorage 0.3

A Django storage backend for local development that downloads files from the live site on the fly.

Jul 23rd 2012, 09:21 GMT

Basic Local Alignment Search Tool 2.2.26

A set of similarity search programs.

Mar 6th 2012, 08:46 GMT

user-port-hack 2.4.9-31

user-port-hack is a Linux kernel patch to restrict the use of ports for local users.

Apr 29th 2008, 14:04 GMT

rlpr 2.06

rlpr software makes it possible (or at the very least, easier), to print files on remote sites to ...

Dec 17th 2007, 19:13 GMT
  • FTP

FTP SyncAgent 1.0 Beta

FTP SyncAgent is a software that keeps a local folder and a remote FTP folder in sync.

Feb 2nd 2006, 21:01 GMT

System Local Audit Daemon 2.0

SLAD is a tool for performing local security checks against GNU/Linux systems.

Jan 16th 2006, 17:54 GMT
  • Chat

LANChat 1.1.0

LANChat Pro is a local area network chat program.

Sep 16th 2005, 19:57 GMT

AntiExploit 1.3b6

AntiExploit is a on-access exploit scanner to detect local intruders.

Aug 22nd 2005, 17:11 GMT

WaveSelect 0.1.2

WaveSelect it makes it a snap to discover local wlans, and connect to them.

Jun 2nd 2005, 16:59 GMT