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GLib2 2.43.3

An Open Source and powerful library that contains many useful and capable C routines

Jan 20th 2015, 13:02 GMT

django-newsletter 0.4

Django app for managing multiple mass-mailing lists

Nov 22nd 2012, 03:29 GMT

collective.table 1.1.1

Table-like content for Plone

Jun 25th 2012, 13:51 GMT

ChecklistDSL 0.0.1 Alpha 5

A simple markup DSL for creating checklists

May 25th 2012, 23:46 GMT

mailjam 0.1.1

Mailing lists management software

May 25th 2012, 16:38 GMT

gitcampy 0.0.16

Basecamp todo_lists con commits messages

Apr 20th 2012, 00:09 GMT

listparser 0.17

OPML subscription lists parser tool

Dec 20th 2011, 00:23 GMT

whohas 0.29

whohas is a command line tool that allows querying several package lists at once.

Nov 29th 2011, 12:19 GMT

Products.JYUDynaPage 1.5.1

Plone page with configurable dynamic lists in top and bottom of the content

Jun 18th 2011, 13:57 GMT

collective.viewlet.links 0.2 RC1

Viewlet displaying user-editable links on portal or folder level

Apr 5th 2011, 11:54 GMT

Chord Chart Wizard 1.7.8

Chord Chart Wizard is an application for Worship leaders.

Dec 4th 2010, 07:56 GMT

Kanban 0.6

An utility to put together all those things you have in your head

Aug 22nd 2010, 03:39 GMT

Jikan 1.0

A calendar and journal

Jun 10th 2010, 12:37 GMT

done 1.0.3

Simple, elegant command-line todo list tool

Apr 6th 2010, 06:00 GMT

GCC ARM Embedded 4.9

The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) tools designed especially for ARM embedded processors
GCC ARM Embedded

Google Chrome 40.0.2214.94 / 41.0.2272.35 Beta / 42.0.2288.8 Dev

The powerful, lightweight and easy-to-use web browser developed by the well known Google company
Google Chrome

TeamViewer 10 Build 37742

An all-in-one and cross-platform solution for desktop remote access and support over the Internet

CopyQ 2.4.4

An advanced graphical clipboard manager utility for Linux and Windows operating systems

Wine 1.7.35

An application that allows users to run Windows applications in Linux operating systems

Trillian Beta

One of the most used and popular Instant Messaging clients arrives on the Linux platform

The Legend of Edgar 1.19

An Open Source 2D platformer game with a persistent world, for Linux and Windows
The Legend of Edgar

Ubuntu Kylin 15.04 Alpha 2

A special edition of the Ubuntu Linux operating system designed for Chinese-speaking users
Ubuntu Kylin

Kubuntu 15.04 Alpha 2

A special edition of Ubuntu Linux that uses the KDE graphical desktop environment

Ubuntu MATE 14.04.1 LTS / 15.04 Alpha 2

A community-derived Ubuntu operating system that features the MATE desktop environment
Ubuntu MATE

Vivaldi Tech Preview

The next-generation web browser for power users, based on the powerful Chromium project

OpenSearchServer 1.5.10

A powerful, open source, high-performance and stable search engine for Linux/UNIX

D2X-XL 1.17.92

An Open Source and completely free Descent 2 OpenGL port for Linux operating systems

Variety 0.5.2

A wallpaper changer utility for your GNU/Linux operating system, designed for Ubuntu

CherryTree 0.35.7

A GTK text editor and note taking application for the GNU/Linux operating system
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Ubuntu Kylin
  • Ubuntu Kylin
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  • Ubuntu MATE
  • Vivaldi
  • OpenSearchServer
  • D2X-XL
  • Variety
  • CherryTree
  • GCC ARM Embedded
  • Google Chrome
  • TeamViewer
  • CopyQ
  • Wine
  • Trillian
  • The Legend of Edgar

Kookie 0.1.1

Shooping lists and recipes manager

Feb 1st 2010, 08:54 GMT

mlstats 0.4

Mailing lists analysis tool

Jan 25th 2010, 12:35 GMT

Calizo 0.2.5

The zoomable timeline calendar!

Dec 30th 2008, 15:37 GMT

mboxstats 3.1

mboxstats creates several top-10 lists from a file containing message in mbox-format.

Dec 23rd 2008, 04:42 GMT

TakeNote 0.4.5

A simple cross-platform note taking program implemented in Python and GTK.

Dec 22nd 2008, 12:23 GMT

iKog 1.90

A very simple utility designed to make the management of your to-do lists quick and easy.

Dec 18th 2008, 04:10 GMT

GPGlist 1.0

GPGlist project is a Perl script to implement gpg encrypted alias lists in a mail server.

Mar 15th 2007, 11:05 GMT

ZDB 0.1

ZDB ( DataBase) can be used to maintain simple lists and databases (such as telephone ...

Mar 13th 2007, 15:14 GMT

RBLchk 1.1

RBLchk is a simple utility that checks an IP address with the most useful and reliable RBLs (real-...

Jan 18th 2007, 16:23 GMT

pkgusage 1.0.6

pkgusage is a project which lists all packages you have installed on your system.

Nov 24th 2006, 07:05 GMT

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hpanel 0.3.2

hpanel is a small panel that lists your windows.

Sep 28th 2006, 04:05 GMT

MP3html 1.3.8

MP3html is a utility for generating listings of MP3 files based on their ID3 tags and information.

Jul 26th 2006, 21:05 GMT

QmailLdapAdmin 1.0.1

QmailLdapAdmin is a tool designed to handle qmail-schema of LDAP.

Apr 13th 2006, 19:27 GMT

KFocus 1.0.2

KFocus is a personal project management program with support for task lists and log books.

Sep 29th 2005, 20:26 GMT

ListPatron 0.1.1

ListPatron is an (GTK) application for maintaining lists of information.

Aug 10th 2005, 20:46 GMT

Dynamic MP3 Lister

Dynamic MP3 Lister is a PHP script for downloading/streaming MP3s from a Web server.

May 5th 2005, 16:51 GMT
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