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CoreOS 723.3.0

A new kind of Linux-based operating system designed for massive server deployments

Aug 4th 2015, 23:51 GMT

Amahi 7.4.0

A powerful, simple, home networking solution for Linux kernel-based operating systems

Jul 31st 2015, 12:51 GMT

Alpine Linux 3.2.2

An Open Source, modular, small, simple, secure, and embedded Linux distribution.

Jul 14th 2015, 18:29 GMT

LliureX Server 15.05 Build 20150701

The official server edition of the LliureX Linux operating system, based on Edubuntu

Jul 14th 2015, 13:50 GMT

TheSSS 13.0

A lightweight Linux server operating system for LANs, based on the 4MLinux distro

Jun 28th 2015, 22:15 GMT

Collax V-Cube 6.8.4

A management suite based on a 64-bit Linux operating system providing server virtualization

Jun 18th 2015, 15:32 GMT

Calculate Linux Scratch Server 14.16.2

A Gentoo-based Live CD Linux operating system that allows you to create your own Linux server distro

Jun 6th 2015, 00:58 GMT

Fedora Server DVD 22

The next generation Linux distribution from Red Hat, specially tailored for servers

Jun 4th 2015, 01:20 GMT

ALT Linux (School Junior) 7.0.5

This is the School Junior edition of the Open Source Russian Linux distribution called ALT Linux

May 28th 2015, 19:02 GMT

ALT Linux (School Teacher) 7.0.5

This is the School Teacher edition of the Open Source Russian Linux distribution called ALT Linux

May 28th 2015, 19:00 GMT

Univention Corporate Server 4.0-2

A server Linux operating system based on Debian GNU/Linux and designed for big corporations

May 12th 2015, 17:13 GMT

NethServer 6.6

A beautifully engineered server oriented operating system based on the CentOS Linux technologies

Mar 26th 2015, 06:25 GMT

ClearOS Community 6.6.0

An Open Source, free and powerful network and gateway Linux server operating system

Feb 20th 2015, 10:25 GMT

Devil-Linux 1.6.8

An Open Source Linux operating system that can be used as server, router or firewall

Feb 1st 2015, 10:46 GMT

D2X-XL 1.18.64

An Open Source and completely free Descent 2 OpenGL port for Linux operating systems

SAGE 6.8

The World's best Open Source collection of mathematics software for Linux, Windows and Mac


An Open Source display calibration system for Linux/UNIX powered by Argyll CMS and Python/wxWidgets

LibreOffice 4.4.5 / 5.0.0 RC4

An open source office suite that provides a good alternative to commercial office tools on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X platforms

Ubuntu MATE 15.10 Alpha 2

A community-derived Ubuntu operating system that features the MATE desktop environment
Ubuntu MATE

Opera 31.0 Build 1889.99 / 32.0 Build 1933.0 Dev

Surf the Internet in a safer, faster and easier way with the Opera browser for Linux

VariCAD Viewer 2015-2.05

A redistributable, freeware and cross-platform application for viewing CAD files
VariCAD Viewer

Chromium 44.0.2403.130

A safer, faster, reliable, and more stable web browser for a better Internet experience

Grub Customizer 4.0.6

An Open Source project that provides a graphical GRUB2 and BURG settings manager
Grub Customizer

AirStream 5.4.4

A cool, yet commercial tool to effortlessly stream your movies from PC to Android

gscan2pdf 1.3.4

An Open Source application to easily produce PDF files from multiple scanned documents

Seafile Client 4.3.0

A Linux client for Seafile, the next-generation Open Source cloud storage service
Seafile Client

Rainlendar Pro 2.12.2 Build 138 / 2.13 Build 145 Beta

An easy-to-use, customizable and free desktop calendar for Linux operating systems
Rainlendar Pro


A powerful package manager application used in all the Debian-based Linux operating systems

Lubuntu 15.10 Alpha 2

The Wily Werewolf edition of the Lubuntu Linux operating system, built on top of LXDE
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  • Chromium
  • Grub Customizer
  • AirStream
  • gscan2pdf
  • Seafile Client
  • Rainlendar Pro
  • APT
  • Lubuntu
  • D2X-XL
  • SAGE
  • dispcalGUI
  • LibreOffice
  • Ubuntu MATE
  • Opera
  • VariCAD Viewer

ALT Linux Server 20141212

A free edition of the ALT Linux distribution specifically designed to be used as a server

Dec 24th 2014, 17:23 GMT

4MLinux Server Edition 10.1

A freely distributed server edition of the 4MLinux Open Source Linux-based operating system

Nov 28th 2014, 09:43 GMT

Caixa Magica Server 22

This is the server edition of the Portuguese Linux distribution entitled Caixa Magica

Nov 26th 2014, 13:40 GMT

ROSA Enterprise Linux Server 6.6

A server edition of the ROSA Linux operating system based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Nov 10th 2014, 21:16 GMT

Ubuntu Server 14.10

This is the official server edition of the world's most popular free operating system, Ubuntu

Oct 23rd 2014, 14:25 GMT

Ubuntu Cloud Server 14.10

A special edition of the Ubuntu Linux operating system that can be deployed as a personal cloud se...

Oct 23rd 2014, 14:23 GMT

ServOS Black Stallion 1.5

A free and open-source server-oriented GNU/Linux distribution based on CentOS and Red Hat Enterpri...

Sep 17th 2014, 09:03 GMT

Ubuntu Server 12.04.5 LTS

The server edition of the most popular Linux distribution in the world, Ubuntu Linux

Aug 8th 2014, 00:09 GMT

Adonis Linux Server 1.0.0

An official server edition of the Adonis Linux operating system based on Debian GNU/Linux

Jun 12th 2014, 12:10 GMT

Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS

The official server edition of the Ubuntu Linux operating system, for 64-bit, 32-bit and PPC archi...

Apr 29th 2014, 13:28 GMT

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BOSS Server 1.0

The main server edition of the BOSS GNU/Linux operating system for the Indian community

Apr 14th 2014, 08:43 GMT

BOSS Advanced Server 1.0

A special edition of the BOSS GNU/Linux operating system, specifically designed for server machines

Apr 14th 2014, 08:10 GMT

Lychee Linux Server 0.9.9

The Server Edition of the openSUSE-based Lychee Linux operating system for business environments

Apr 9th 2014, 07:37 GMT

Minecraft Server 1.7.2

This project provides the official Minecraft server application for Linux distributions

Nov 13th 2013, 02:06 GMT

TurnKey Torrent Server Live CD 13.0

An installable and easy to use Live CD based on Debian that will install a torrent server

Oct 24th 2013, 09:34 GMT

Ubuntu Server 13.10

The Server Edition of the world's most popular free operating system, Ubuntu Linux

Oct 17th 2013, 11:09 GMT
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