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Porteus Kiosk Edition 3.5.0

A portable Linux operating system specifically designed for public institutions and Internet cafes

Sep 2nd 2015, 15:32 GMT

Safe Internet for kids wx2.0

A browser-only Linux operating system designed for parents who want to protect their kids

Sep 26th 2013, 13:05 GMT

Linutop OS 5.0

A commercial and small OS specialized in Internet kiosk, digital signage and monitoring

Sep 7th 2012, 08:43 GMT

xPUD 0.9.2

A unique operating system built around a web browser and a media player software

Nov 3rd 2010, 13:12 GMT

MorphixLiveKiosk 0.01

Morphix project is a derivative of Knoppix, another live CD distribution.

Sep 6th 2006, 13:50 GMT

OpenKiosk 2.0.6

OpenKiosk is a multi-platform kiosk management software.

Aug 10th 2005, 01:03 GMT