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Sentinella 0.9.1

Stop waiting around for something to happen, use Sentinella!

Oct 24th 2012, 13:56 GMT

killproc 1.0.1

Kill UNIX processes by name

Apr 30th 2011, 23:08 GMT

KPS 0.9.5

A light-weight KDE wrapper for the ps command

Aug 23rd 2010, 05:58 GMT

Kalasnikof 1.5.2

Kalasnikof is a simple Kommander script that allows you to kill windows, services, etc.

Aug 8th 2008, 11:39 GMT

KPV 0.3.3

KPV project is small process viewer and manager for kicker.

Dec 18th 2007, 14:11 GMT