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GnuAccounting 0.8.4 Beta

An open source Java accounting software

Nov 26th 2013, 07:44 GMT

Nevitium 1.5.7

An application to generate invoices, quotes, statements, and labels with barcode support

Feb 25th 2011, 14:34 GMT

OpenYABS 1.175

Yet another Business Software

Dec 9th 2010, 14:26 GMT

Simple Invoices 2008-06-29

Simple Invoices is a clean, simple, and basic Web-based invoicing system.

Jun 30th 2008, 08:14 GMT

Ora Time and Expense 1.2

Ora Time and Expense is a tracking and reporting software for Adobe AIR.

Jun 9th 2008, 13:12 GMT

MyRent 2007-09-26

MyRent is the most complete software for Car Rental!

Oct 11th 2007, 13:44 GMT

Whid 1.00

Whid is a simple application that keeps track of time.

Sep 27th 2007, 06:05 GMT

PHP Accounts 0.5.1

PHP Accounts project is an open source web based accounts system.

Jun 21st 2007, 20:53 GMT

Strictly Invoices 1.0

Strictly Invoices is an application for the small business owner who wants to send out invoices!

May 30th 2007, 13:33 GMT

RechnungsZentrale 1.1.6

RechnungZentrale V2 is a software which can create and manage invoices and invoice line items.

Sep 25th 2006, 14:35 GMT

SiteInvoice Account Manager 2.0.1

SiteInvoice helps you manage your customer invoices in a simple and efficient manner.

Jun 8th 2006, 03:35 GMT

Servsys 2.29

Servsys is a Web application that allows an HVAC technician or salesperson to create cutomer recor...

May 24th 2006, 17:38 GMT 2.7 - Create invoices, estimates, proposals, receipts & more.

May 7th 2006, 01:30 GMT