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pkgusage 1.0.6

pkgusage is a project which lists all packages you have installed on your system.

Nov 24th 2006, 07:05 GMT

FreeBSD ports monitoring 1.0

FreeBSD ports monitoring project is a simple solution for monitoring what has changed in installed...

Aug 23rd 2006, 15:12 GMT

dpkg-changes 1.2

dpkg-changes is a simple script which will report on the packages which have been installed, or un...

Jun 9th 2006, 19:44 GMT

Debian Installed Package Information 0.2

Debian Installed Package Information shows the current debian installed packages.

May 2nd 2006, 15:06 GMT

debsync 2.00

debsync is a Python command line tool which helps to synchronise the installed packages lists on s...

Sep 20th 2005, 18:33 GMT