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Apache uimaFIT 2.0.0

This project provides Java annotations for describing UIMA components in Java code

Oct 1st 2013, 09:59 GMT

dwarf-ng 0.3.1

A little and powerful object file manipulation tool

Jul 10th 2013, 11:18 GMT

jSQL Injection 0.2

An automatic SQL injection tool

Dec 1st 2012, 08:15 GMT


Rapid Blind SQL Injection Exploitation Tool

Aug 23rd 2012, 05:23 GMT

sqlmap 0.9

sqlmap is an automatic blind SQL injection tool.

Apr 11th 2011, 09:35 GMT

GreenSQL 1.3.0

GreenSQL is an Open Source database firewall used to protect databases from SQL injection attacks.

Oct 19th 2010, 14:56 GMT

SQL Injection 1.3

SQL Injection is a Firefox extension to transform checkboxes, radio buttons, select elements to a ...

Aug 28th 2009, 11:33 GMT

Butterfly Container 3.0.0

A dependency injection container

Aug 5th 2009, 15:57 GMT

PHPips 1.0.0

PHPips is small security framework to use within PHP application.

Nov 14th 2007, 22:03 GMT

Injection Framework 0.9 Beta

Injection Framework project is a security tool designed to detect and research SQL injections.

Dec 14th 2006, 15:45 GMT

SQLIer 0.8.2b

SQLIer is a script that uses brute force to crack passwords through

Oct 13th 2006, 03:35 GMT

SPIKE Proxy 1.4.8

Spike Proxy is an open source HTTP proxy for finding security flaws in web sites.

Mar 10th 2006, 18:03 GMT

Raw Fake AP 0.2

Raw Fake AP is a program that emulates valid IEEE 802.11 access points using wireless raw injection.

Feb 8th 2006, 17:43 GMT