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XmlRpc++ 0.7

XmlRpc++ provides a fast, easy, portable C++ XML-RPC client and server library.

Mar 13th 2007, 05:05 GMT

Mash 0.2

Mash project is a software implementation of the pencil & paper game called mash.

Nov 21st 2006, 12:05 GMT
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xfreecell 1.0.5b

xfreecell project is another implementation of famous solitaire game.

Nov 21st 2006, 07:05 GMT

IOSEMU 0.2.5

IOSEMU is a Cisco 7200 emulator that uses JIT to achieve good performance.

Oct 29th 2006, 16:43 GMT

Lintouch 1.10

Lintouch is an implementation of HMI or MMI software framework.

May 26th 2006, 16:38 GMT

J-Alice 0.5

J-Alice is a C++ implementation of an Alicebot clone.

Mar 8th 2006, 18:40 GMT

VLAN 1.9

VLAN is an implementation of the 802.1Q VLAN protocol for Linux.

Nov 14th 2005, 22:45 GMT
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