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GlobalMenu Mod 0.21

GlobalMenu Mod (Enable GNOME / GTK`s)

Sep 20th 2010, 10:40 GMT

nwalign 0.3.0

Needleman-Wunsch global sequence alignment in Python

Dec 28th 2009, 04:06 GMT

Global Village 0.0.9-3

Can place a front-end, or graphical user interface onto the CLI interface of Xplanet.

Mar 22nd 2009, 00:09 GMT

MySQL Global User Variables UDF 1.1

A MySQL extension to store persistent variables.

Mar 1st 2009, 14:06 GMT

OceanStore 20031026

OceanStore is an architecture for a global-scale file system which uses erasure coding, cryptograp...

Mar 10th 2008, 13:06 GMT
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gaim-hotkeys 0.2.1

gaim-hotkeys is the hotkey plugin for Gaim.

Oct 28th 2006, 15:35 GMT

Global Clipboard 0.3

Global Clipboard project lets you easily copy&paste from one computer to another.

Sep 19th 2006, 23:05 GMT

GlobMoeSt 0.0.6

GlobMoeSt means Global Motion eStimation.

Dec 12th 2005, 23:30 GMT

PyGpsWeb 0.1.0

PyGpsWeb is an online GPS (Global Positionning System) data editor.

Nov 23rd 2005, 21:38 GMT