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amforth 5.2

A compact Forth interpreter and compiler

Dec 23rd 2013, 19:53 GMT

RPL/2 4.1.16

A Linux programming language for computations

Nov 29th 2013, 08:18 GMT

Retro 11.5

A small, minimalistic dialect of Forth

Mar 3rd 2013, 13:23 GMT

IsForth 1.24b

A direct threaded Linux-only x86 Forth implementation coded in pure assembly using NASM macros.

Jan 20th 2013, 18:32 GMT

4tH compiler 3.62.0

A Forth compiler with a little difference

Jan 2nd 2013, 01:50 GMT

Portable Forth Environment 0.33.70

ANSI Standard for Forth based environment

Dec 24th 2008, 03:23 GMT

bigFORTH/MINOS 2.2.0

bigFORTH/MINOS is a Forth with GUI library and RAD tool.

Apr 21st 2008, 10:48 GMT

Toka 1.2

Toka is an experimental language with roots in Forth.

Jan 28th 2008, 14:29 GMT

PF11 1.0

PF11 is an ANS Forth implementation for the 68HC11 microcontroller.

Nov 22nd 2007, 05:06 GMT


PFAVR is an ANS Forth implementation for the Atmel AVR microcontroller.

Nov 21st 2007, 18:12 GMT

Simple Forth Interpreter 1.0

Simple Forth Interpreter is a Java implementation of a subset of the ANS Forth language.

Apr 15th 2005, 14:01 GMT