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colorlog 1.4

Log formatting with colors!

Sep 8th 2012, 08:52 GMT

van.timeformat 1.1.1

Convienience functions for formatting dates/times using zope.i18n and TAL

Jan 9th 2012, 16:24 GMT

ISIS-DM 0.2.3

Allows programmers to express constraints and functionality similar to those of the CDS/ISIS Field...

Nov 30th 2011, 19:54 GMT

ever2simple 1.0 Alpha 3

Migrate from Evernote to Simplenote with markdown formatting

Oct 12th 2011, 23:30 GMT

Gedit Developer Plugins 0.4.4

Editing, checking, and project management features for Gedit text editor

Jan 20th 2011, 08:22 GMT

termcolor 1.1.0

ANSII Color formatting for output in terminal

Jan 15th 2011, 09:48 GMT

i-net Crystal-Clear 10.0.180

i-net Crystal-Clear is a very powerful reporting solution.

Sep 8th 2010, 10:28 GMT 4.0.2 is a Perl script which purpose is to make formatting file names of media files very eas...

Apr 19th 2010, 06:18 GMT

Latex Text Formatter 2.0

Latex Text Formatter is a Vim script that allows to format a piece of latex text by recognizing wh...

Sep 23rd 2008, 11:29 GMT