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audiofile 0.3.6

A uniform and elegant API for accessing a variety of audio file formats

May 1st 2012, 10:52 GMT

Rizek Color Manager 1.0

A universal and handy tool that allows you to select and convert colors in different formats.

Jul 6th 2011, 09:11 GMT

matter 0.8-r960-20110308

Classes and parsers for structure formats

Mar 10th 2011, 14:11 GMT

shntool 3.0.8

shntool is a multi-purpose WAVE data processing and reporting utility.

Aug 27th 2008, 09:10 GMT

Simple Spreadsheet 0.8

Simple Spreadsheet is a webbased spreadsheet program written in Javascript, HTML, CSS and PHP.

Jun 8th 2007, 03:35 GMT

DBOX 2.41

DBOX provides a BBS package, email server and more.

May 1st 2007, 00:05 GMT

médiArchiver 0.4

médiArchiver provides a Web-based media archiver.

Mar 21st 2007, 07:05 GMT

Address Book Converter 1.0

Address Book Converter provides a tool that converts between different address book formats.

Jan 26th 2007, 03:05 GMT

Edukalibre Collab 0.8.2

Edukalibre Collab package is a useful Web interface to the Edukalibre platform.

Oct 6th 2006, 08:05 GMT

Jakuk 1.2

Jajuk is a Java music organizer for all platforms.

Jul 25th 2006, 12:05 GMT

sub2srt 0.5.3

sub2srt is a simple tool to convert 2 common subtitle formats to subviewer ".srt" format.

Sep 22nd 2005, 18:19 GMT