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SSH Filesystem 2.4

An Open Source and free filesystem client based on the SSH File Transfer Protocol

Dec 6th 2013, 15:13 GMT

Parallel Virtual File System 2.8.6

Parallel Virtual File System is a parallel file system for clusters of PCs.

Jul 30th 2012, 06:54 GMT

Filesystem in Userspace 2.8.6

Filesystem in Userspace is an interface for filesystems implemented in userspace.

Sep 13th 2011, 09:40 GMT

EncFS 1.7.0

EncFS is a FUSE-based encrypted virtual filesystem for Linux.

Aug 30th 2010, 11:40 GMT

Blogbench 1.1

A portable filesystem benchmark

Jul 9th 2010, 10:04 GMT

bonnie++ 1.03e / 1.96

bonnie++ is a hard drive/filesystem benchmark program.

Jul 7th 2009, 01:55 GMT

Sharity 3.7

A Unix client for the Windows network file system.

Apr 7th 2009, 09:09 GMT

rsnapshot 1.3.1

rsnapshot is a filesystem snapshot utility.

Sep 3rd 2008, 06:27 GMT

Squashfs 3.4

Squashfs is a compressed read-only filesystem for Linux.

Aug 27th 2008, 06:58 GMT

IOzone 3.300

IOzone is a filesystem benchmark utility.

May 14th 2008, 09:24 GMT

The Plastic File System 1.11

The Plastic File System is a module for providing virtual file systems in user space.

Jul 8th 2007, 22:35 GMT

Coda Distributed File System 6.9.1

Coda Distributed File System is a full featured network filesystem.

Apr 14th 2007, 14:35 GMT

TCFS 3.0b2

TCFS is a transparent cryptographic file system.

Apr 12th 2007, 13:35 GMT

CryptoFS 0.6.0

CryptoFS is an encryption filesystem for LUFS.

Feb 4th 2007, 21:35 GMT

QupZilla 1.8.5

A QtWebKit-based web browser for Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems

Krita 2.8.3 / 2.9 Beta

A powerful image editing and painting application for Linux and Windows operating systems

Adobe Flash Player

The official Adobe Flash Player plugin for web browsers on 32-bit Linux operating systems
Adobe Flash Player

PeaZip 5.5.1

An easy to use and Open Source file archiving utility for all Linux operating systems

Seafile Client 4.0.3

A Linux client for Seafile, the next-generation Open Source cloud storage service
Seafile Client

groonga 4.0.8

An Open Source full-text search engine and column store application for Mroonga.

soundKonverter 2.1.2 / 2.2.0 RC1

A GUI front-end to various audio converters supported under the GNU/Linux platform

Net.Tarot 1.9.5

A 'French' Tarot game that can be played over the Internet with multiple clients

SimpleScreenRecorder 0.3.1

A simple tool that allows Linux users to record desktop sessions, programs and games

Gufw 15.04

An easy-to-use GUI front-end for the ufw (Uncomplicated Firewall) iptables interface

Net.Belote 1.6

A free trick taking game based on the French 'Belote' puzzle game and played by 4 players

Ubuntu Touch 14.09 RTM Build 20141208 / 15.04 Daily Build

The world's most popular free operating system is now available for smartphones!
Ubuntu Touch

Trinity Desktop Environment R14.0.0

An open source and freely distributed clone of the KDE 3.5 graphical desktop environment
Trinity Desktop Environment

Kadu 1.3

An universal and multi-protocol IM application for all Linux-based operating systems

Sismics Reader 1.4

A multi-platform, effective and simple news aggregator that supports both Atom and RSS web-based feeds
Sismics Reader
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  • Net.Tarot
  • SimpleScreenRecorder
  • Gufw
  • Net.Belote
  • Ubuntu Touch
  • Trinity Desktop Environment
  • Kadu
  • Sismics Reader
  • QupZilla
  • Krita
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • PeaZip
  • Seafile Client
  • groonga
  • soundKonverter

ASFS filesystem driver 1.0 Beta 12

ASFS filesystem driver is an Amiga Smart FileSystem driver for Linux.

Dec 4th 2006, 17:35 GMT

fusedav 0.2

fusedav is a WebDAV filesystem driver for Linux using FUSE.

Apr 3rd 2006, 04:35 GMT

MetaFS 0.1.5

MetaFS is an advanced filesystem metadata layer.

Dec 12th 2005, 03:33 GMT

RFC 3.3.0

RFC (Remote Filesystem Checker) is a set of scripts that aims to help System-Administrators.

Nov 18th 2005, 14:55 GMT

xdiskusage 1.48

xdiskusage is a graphical display of disk usage.

Apr 8th 2005, 22:45 GMT

ext3 0.0.7a

ext3 is a journaling support for ext2fs.

Apr 8th 2005, 22:13 GMT

SHFS 0.35

SHFS it mounts remote directories using a shell connection.

Apr 8th 2005, 21:52 GMT

cvsfs 1.1.9

cvsfs is a virtual filesystem for interacting with CVS.

Apr 8th 2005, 21:41 GMT

The Global File System 6.1pre21

The Global File System a shared block file system for Linux.

Apr 8th 2005, 21:10 GMT

OpenGFS 0.3.0

OpenGFS is an Open Source version of Sistina's Global File System.

Apr 8th 2005, 20:40 GMT

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PHP File Manager 0.9.3

PHP File Manager is a complete filesystem management tool in a single file.

Apr 8th 2005, 19:55 GMT

File system investigator 1.0.3

File system investigator is a forensic filesystem viewer.

Apr 8th 2005, 18:10 GMT

Multicasting Master-Slave Network Filesystem 0.8

Multicasting Master-Slave Network Filesystem is a method of distributing an entire filesystem amon...

Apr 8th 2005, 17:53 GMT

e2fsimage 0.2.0

e2fsimage is a tool for creating and populating an ext2 filesystem image as an ordinary user.

Apr 8th 2005, 17:47 GMT

CopyFS 1.0

CopyFS is a copy-on-write, versioned filesystem.

Apr 8th 2005, 17:42 GMT

unionfs 1.0.11

unionfs is a stackable filesystem which merges different directories.

Apr 8th 2005, 17:20 GMT
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