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qBittorrent 3.1.11

A torrent client that provides a real alternative to the popular ĀµTorrent BitTorrent client

Jan 18th 2015, 10:48 GMT

Bitflu 1.43

Bitfu is a BitTorrent client designed to run non-stop as a daemon.

May 3rd 2012, 06:50 GMT
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ANts P2P 1.6.0 Beta - Protocol 1.0.0

ANts P2P realizes a third generation P2P net.

Nov 8th 2010, 11:01 GMT

Linux DC++ 1.1.0

An open source port the official Direct Connect client for the GNU/Linux platform

Nov 11th 2009, 09:30 GMT

BTG 1.0.0

A Linux bittorrent client implemented in C and using the Libtorrent library.

Jul 2nd 2009, 16:56 GMT

Dolda Connect 1.3

Dolda Connect is a modular P2P filesharing client built around the Direct Connect model.

Oct 19th 2008, 16:04 GMT

MUTE File Sharing 0.5.1

MUTE File Sharing is a peer-to-peer network that provides easy search-and-download functionality.

Apr 24th 2007, 02:35 GMT

GShare 0.94

GShare project allows users to easily share files between computers.

Feb 27th 2007, 00:35 GMT

GtkDC 0.2.1-pre5

GtkDC is a client for the Direct Connect peer-to-peer network written in C using GTK+ widgets.

Nov 8th 2006, 04:35 GMT

Torrent Swapper 0.1

Torrent Swapper is an open sourced sociable peer to peer file-sharing client based on the Bittorre...

Aug 11th 2006, 16:41 GMT

mooseekd 0.02

mooseekd is a partial fork of Museek+, containing only the standalone daemon needed to connect to ...

Jul 29th 2006, 23:35 GMT

GNOME Transfer Manager 0.4.12

GNOME Transfer Manager allows the user to retrieve multiple files from the web.

Jul 12th 2006, 16:13 GMT

BitTorrent Queue Manager 0.1.3

BitTorrent Queue Manager is a console-based BitTorrent client that provides built-in queue managem...

Jun 24th 2006, 03:35 GMT

My Network Catalog r1

My Network Catalog is an indexing engine that allows Windows shares to be bound together over a lo...

Jun 16th 2006, 15:20 GMT

Knotter 0.9.6

A cross-platform, free and highly configurable interlace designer for Celtic knots

Ubuntu Cloud Server 15.04 Alpha 2

The official cloud server edition of the Ubuntu Linux operating system, deployable on the cloud
Ubuntu Cloud Server

Xubuntu Naga 24_01_15

An Open Source Linux distribution based on Xubuntu and designed for Naga44 Association
Xubuntu Naga

LMMS 1.1.1

One of the best free alternative to commercial apps like FruityLoops, Cubase and Logic

Ubuntu GNOME 15.04 Alpha 2

A special edition of Ubuntu Linux, built around the GNOME graphical desktop environment
Ubuntu GNOME

Lubuntu 15.04 Alpha 2

The Vivid Vervet edition of the Lubuntu Linux operating system, built on top of LXDE

Snapper 0.2.5

This is the ultimate Open Source snapshot utility for Linux-based operating systems

FileBot 4.5.6

The ultimate movie and TV renamer, and subtitle downloader for Linux operating systems

Ubuntu Touch 14.09 RTM Build 20150120 / 15.04 Daily Build

The world's most popular free operating system is now available for smartphones!
Ubuntu Touch

Variety 0.5.2

A wallpaper changer utility for your GNU/Linux operating system, designed for Ubuntu

Ubuntu MATE 14.04.1 LTS / 15.04 Alpha 2

A community-derived Ubuntu operating system that features the MATE desktop environment
Ubuntu MATE

GCC ARM Embedded 4.9

The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) tools designed especially for ARM embedded processors
GCC ARM Embedded

Opera 27.0 Build 1689.54 / 28.0 Build 1750.5 Dev

Surf the Internet in a safer, faster and easier way with the Opera browser for Linux

rsyslog 8.7.0

An Open Source, free and enhanced syslog daemon for Linux-based operating systems

Cutegram 1.0.2

A next-gen Linux client for the Telegram messaging service, build with the Qt toolkit
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GAINT 1.5.1

GAINT is a plugin for Gaim that enables file sharing capabilities similar to mIRC's fserve.

Jun 16th 2006, 10:05 GMT
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Waiho 0.2

Waiho is a simple FTP client for GNUstep, designed to be easy to use.

Jun 14th 2006, 07:05 GMT
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Auto FTP 0.4 came to be because I wanted to make a ftp client daemon that could be loaded on a serv...

Jun 14th 2006, 03:05 GMT

Lopster 1.2.2

Lopster is a peer-to-peer client using OpenNAP protocol.

Jun 5th 2006, 23:25 GMT

ABCWebClient 1.1

ABCWebClient is a minimal, fast, and full functionally torrent Web client-frontend to ABC.

Jun 2nd 2006, 20:16 GMT

EZtorrent 1.3

EZtorrent is a tool that simplifies the process of publishing content via BitTorrent.

May 29th 2006, 23:38 GMT

Matrix Public Net 0.5.0

Matrix Public Net spreads short voice messages through a web of trust.

May 12th 2006, 19:39 GMT

NapShare 2.2.3

NapShare is a fully automated, multi network P2P client made to run 24/7 unattended.

May 12th 2006, 14:00 GMT

Museek 0.0.040714-2

Museek is a soulseek client for Linux and quite possibly other platforms (MacOSX and FreeBSD 4 wil...

May 11th 2006, 21:06 GMT

QTorrent 0.9.5

QTorrent is a BitTorrent client that uses the Qt widget-set.

May 11th 2006, 20:35 GMT

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iFolder 3.2.5347.1

iFolder is a simple and secure storage solution.

May 10th 2006, 19:31 GMT

giFT-FastTrack 0.8.9

giFT-FastTrack is an Open Source implementation of the FastTrack P2P protocol used by KaZaA, iMesh...

May 9th 2006, 17:11 GMT

Hydranode Project 0.3.0

Hydranode Core is a modular, plugin-driven peer-to-peer client framework.

Apr 29th 2006, 08:35 GMT

Credence 1.4

Credence is a program for combating pollution and spam in filesharing networks.

Mar 1st 2006, 17:46 GMT

Lphant 2.00 Beta2

Lphant is a peer to peer filesharing program.

Feb 15th 2006, 20:32 GMT

SMBD Audit 0.2 RC1

SMBD Audit application is a set of VFS audit module for Samba 3 and web frontend to view and searc...

Jan 26th 2006, 17:25 GMT
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