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GridChat is a highly expandable peer-to-peer network that has no central server.

Feb 16th 2008, 22:07 GMT

NEshare 0.2.6

NEshare is a Peer-to-Peer toolkit.

Jan 20th 2008, 08:45 GMT

cryptic6 0.0.3

cryptic6 is an encrypted P2P program based on the principle of 6 degrees of separation.

Jan 16th 2008, 10:09 GMT

phpjb 0.0.1 Alpha

phpjb is a php interface / management system to your audio files and feeds.

Jan 7th 2008, 09:22 GMT

Adagio 2.1e

Adagio is a Gnutella2 server which aims to provide a very configurable, highly reliable cross-plat...

Dec 30th 2007, 22:22 GMT