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coop-geo 0.2.0

GeoDjango fields and geo widgets for django-coop

Sep 21st 2012, 08:26 GMT

urlparse2 1.1.1

urlparse for humans

Jul 20th 2012, 05:29 GMT

django-pgcrypto 1.0.0

Python and Django utilities for encrypted fields using pgcrypto

Jul 5th 2012, 12:07 GMT

TracEasyOrder 0.1

Adds a nicer (JavaScript-based) UI for ordering enumerable ticket fields (severity, type, etc.) in...

Jun 28th 2012, 03:30 GMT

django-remplacer 0.1.1

Easy search and replace in database fields via Django model introspection

May 30th 2012, 08:59 GMT

django-refinery 0.1

A reusable Django application for allowing users to filter queryset dynamically

May 22nd 2012, 00:24 GMT

django-audited-models 0.4 Alpha

An abstract base class providing automatic creator/editor/datetime_created/datetime_modified fields

May 10th 2012, 15:22 GMT

django-immutablemodel 0.3.3

A base class for Django to allow immutable fields on Models

Mar 26th 2012, 20:16 GMT
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