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dosfstools 3.0.28

This project offers Open Source tools to create and check MS-DOS FAT filesystems

Jun 25th 2015, 12:43 GMT

Wipe Free Space 2.0

An Open Source command-line application to securely wipe free space on a hard drive

Dec 4th 2013, 09:00 GMT

Automate HDD formatter 0.96

An automated hard disk formatter for Linux

Feb 7th 2013, 15:54 GMT

Wipe Free Space GUI 0.5

A cross-platform graphical user interface (GUI) for the Wipe Free Space command-line utility

Jun 13th 2012, 18:27 GMT

Image 2.53

Disk imaging software package to easily backup and restore your hard drives.

Feb 25th 2010, 08:59 GMT

Klinux Linux 2.0

Klinux is a Linux distribution that can be installed within MS-Windows on FAT32 Partition without ...

Sep 9th 2005, 19:05 GMT