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eyeSSH 1.0.1 Beta

Basic applet to SSH into servers from eyeOS.

Sep 1st 2008, 23:46 GMT

h3oProxy 0.2

h3oProxy is built as an example on how to bring proxy like behavior to your eyeOS server.

Jul 7th 2008, 08:34 GMT

eyeCache 1.1

eyeCache is an eyeOS app that will let you set a cache on static files to reduce server load and s...

Jun 26th 2008, 11:29 GMT

h3oSSH 0.1

h3oSSH is an application that provides an applet based SSH client to be used within your eyeOS ser...

Jun 13th 2008, 05:18 GMT

eyePass Social Pack 1.0

eyePass is an eyeOS application that will store the passwords of your third-parties applications.

Apr 21st 2008, 08:44 GMT