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Fimex 0.55.1

A File Interpolation, Manipulation and EXtraction library for gridded geospatial data

Jan 3rd 2015, 10:03 GMT

DKPro Keyphrases 1.5.0

An Open Source and Cross-Platform collection of utilities for extracting keyphrases

Oct 7th 2013, 17:10 GMT

PDFTextStream 2.6.0

A PDF text and metadata extraction library available for Java, Python, and .NET.

Aug 10th 2012, 10:14 GMT

FeatureJ 1.5.0

A Java Package for Image Feature Extraction

Jun 23rd 2010, 12:46 GMT


RipMIME is an email attachment extration tool.

Nov 7th 2008, 13:14 GMT

SPro 4.0

SPro is a speech signal processing toolkit which provides runtime commands implementing standard f...

May 18th 2008, 10:05 GMT

Zipper 1.2

Zipper is a tool for inspecting the contents of a compressed archive and for extracting.

May 22nd 2007, 20:35 GMT