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LazyRunner 0.01v3

Module based scientific experiment framework with lazy evaluation

Jan 9th 2011, 07:03 GMT

PEBL 0.11

PEBL is the psychology experiment building language.

Jul 25th 2010, 16:04 GMT

RFLP planner 1.2

RFLP planner is a tool that helps to plan a RFLP experiment.

Jan 10th 2008, 09:02 GMT
  • FPS

Dreams Eternal 0.1

Dreams Eternal project is a story-driven FPS game that is set in the dream world.

Nov 8th 2006, 06:05 GMT

Sunergos Simple

Sunergos Simple is a minimal Gnome Login Manager.

Sep 27th 2006, 11:05 GMT

GenChemLab 1.0

GenChemLab is a chemistry experiment simulator.

Apr 1st 2005, 17:50 GMT