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QLoud 1.0

An Open Source app to measure step responses, loudspeaker frequency and distortions

Dec 28th 2013, 14:49 GMT

Digits 1.3

A phase distortion synthesizer tool

Nov 11th 2012, 00:48 GMT
  • KDE

BeDistorted 0.2

Blurring effect for KDE4

Dec 12th 2011, 09:22 GMT

MathMap 1.3.5

MathMap is a GIMP plug-in which allows distortion of images specified by mathematical formula.

Aug 23rd 2009, 19:28 GMT

MESH 1.13

MESH is a tool that measures distortion between two discrete surfaces (triangular meshes).

Feb 14th 2008, 00:59 GMT