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ZoolLinux 5

A minimal, Open Source and free system rescue Linux operating system that fits on a floppy

Dec 29th 2013, 14:16 GMT

ArtistX 1.5

An open-source free GNU/Linux operating system for art creation and multimedia production

Sep 17th 2013, 08:36 GMT

Linux Live 6.2.9

Linux Live is a set of bash scripts which allows users to create their own live CD from any Linux ...

Nov 27th 2008, 08:12 GMT

AliXe 0.11b

AliXe is a Canadian project known for developing a SLAX-based live CD localised into French.

Oct 3rd 2007, 18:31 GMT

GParted-Clonezilla 2.0

GParted-Clonezilla project is a multi-boot livecd booting off GRUB.

Jun 29th 2007, 06:35 GMT

Ulteo-KDE Alpha1 (Sirius)

Ulteo is the easiest system to use on computers.

Jun 6th 2007, 13:08 GMT

Edubuntu 6.10

An educational edition of the Ubuntu operating system suitable for classroom use

Oct 26th 2006, 21:06 GMT