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vAVRdisasm 2.0

An AVR program disassembler.

Sep 26th 2011, 08:38 GMT

APKtool 1.3.1

Tool for reengineering Android apk files

Jul 26th 2010, 20:52 GMT

BIEW 6.1.0

A multiplatform portable viewer of binary files with built-in editor in binary, hexadecimal and di...

Dec 13th 2009, 11:29 GMT

edisassm 1.5.4

EDB's disassembly

Oct 8th 2008, 09:30 GMT

Disassembler for linux 0.3.3

Disassembler for linux is a software that will try to provide a gui driven tool to disassemble exe...

Sep 29th 2006, 14:35 GMT

Gif Disassembler 2.2.2

Gif Disassembler is a Web script that lets you upload any GIF animation and will attempt to return...

Feb 21st 2006, 19:58 GMT

LDasm 0.04.53

LDasm is an x86 disassembler and GUI.

Apr 18th 2005, 16:05 GMT

dis6502 0.12

dis6502 is a flow-tracing 6502 disassembler.

Mar 7th 2005, 18:48 GMT

Java Binary Enhancement Tool 3 R1

Java Binary Enhancement Tool is a Java assembler, dissassembler, and binary editor.

Mar 7th 2005, 17:13 GMT