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All-in-one Places

Easy navigation to Devices and Places in GNOME 3

Oct 29th 2012, 07:03 GMT

django-otp-oath 0.1.0

A django-otp plugin that handles generic HOTP and TOTP devices

Jul 23rd 2012, 08:53 GMT

ConnMan 1.21

Provides a daemon for managing internet connections within embedded devices running the Linux oper...

May 11th 2012, 14:35 GMT

phidgets-ros-pkg 1.50

A ROS package for use with Phidgets devices

Jan 24th 2011, 09:35 GMT

NS2Html 0.4.5

NS2Html is a tool created to convert the config file extracted from Netscreen devices into friendl...

Sep 24th 2009, 11:11 GMT

AnyScreen 1.0.0

The goal of AnyScreen is to allow simple development of OpenGL applications running on a wide rang...

Feb 15th 2009, 01:42 GMT

Cacinda 0.1 Alpha

Cacinda is a tool that allows a Cacti administrator to set up custom dashboard pages for Cacti dev...

Nov 6th 2007, 20:34 GMT
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