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hwinfo 21.0

This is the main hardware detection utility from the openSUSE Linux operating system

Jan 8th 2014, 22:50 GMT

Apache Tika 1.4

A free and Open Source content analysis toolkit distributed by the Apache Foundation

Oct 14th 2013, 09:19 GMT

Bletchley 0.0.1

This project provides a collection of practical application cryptanalysis utilities

Oct 5th 2013, 05:57 GMT

Viral Scam Detector 1.0

Easily detect email scams with this simple, platform-independent application

May 14th 2013, 20:58 GMT

Nova: Network Anti-Reconnaissance Tool 13.03

A software for preventing and detecting Network Reconnaissance

Apr 24th 2013, 11:30 GMT

django-detect-cyclic 0.0.9

Django application to detect cyclic imports

Sep 5th 2012, 07:24 GMT

django-mobile-withstatic 0.2.4

Detect mobile browsers and serve different template flavours to them.

Aug 31st 2012, 08:35 GMT

Minidetector 0.1

Middleware application that detects mobile browsers

May 17th 2012, 14:18 GMT
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