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A very simple X on-screen analog clock

Feb 16th 2011, 13:01 GMT

xcowsay 1.3

xcowsay is a cute cow for your Linux desktop.

Nov 12th 2010, 08:59 GMT

FunEyes 1.0 Beta 2

Fun faces desktop toy!

Nov 24th 2008, 13:17 GMT

KEyes 0.1

XEyes-like utility

Oct 23rd 2008, 01:27 GMT

cteddy 0.2

cteddy is a cute, cuddly teddy who sits on your X Window System desktop, a desktop toy.

May 26th 2008, 12:46 GMT

Pets 1.0

Pets is a port of an old program by Masayuki Koba where a cute tiny kitty was following your mouse...

Apr 19th 2008, 21:32 GMT

wmtunlo 0.1.2

wmtunlo is one of the useless dockapp ever made, so use it or not....

Oct 24th 2006, 16:55 GMT

wmblob 1.0.3

wmblob shows some blobs moving around.

Oct 23rd 2006, 16:09 GMT


h4xx0ri5e is a service menu which renames files to give them a more hackerish look.

May 8th 2006, 14:22 GMT