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Rainlendar Lite 2.12.2 Build 138 / 2.13 Build 141 Beta

A free, customizable and easy-to-use desktop calendar for Linux operating systems

Nov 10th 2014, 13:39 GMT

Rainlendar Pro 2.12.2 Build 138 / 2.13 Build 141 Beta

An easy-to-use, customizable and free desktop calendar for Linux operating systems

Nov 10th 2014, 13:33 GMT

Orage 4.10.0

A small, Open Source and free calendar application for the Xfce desktop environment

Dec 24th 2013, 02:12 GMT

Calendar ubuntu theme 0.1

Calendar screenlet for Ubuntu

Aug 30th 2010, 23:09 GMT

Mozilla Sunbird 0.9 / 1.0 Beta 1

The Sunbird Project is a redesign of the Calendar component.

Mar 31st 2010, 08:35 GMT

light-monitor 1.7

light-monitor is a transparent panel that depends only on X and Xft.

Aug 22nd 2008, 06:44 GMT

Nemo 0.2.3

Nemo is a new way of managing files.

Aug 20th 2008, 08:42 GMT

Adobe Developer Connection Developer Desktop 2008

ADC Desktop is an Adobe AIR application that delivers a number of helpful resources for developers.

Jun 11th 2008, 14:23 GMT

AllDay 1.0.1

AllDay is an application to manage, display and print calendarical and astronomical information.

May 20th 2008, 10:02 GMT

Dave's Stupid Alarm Clock 0.5.1a

Dave's Stupid Alarm Clock is a simple program that works more or less like a standard alarm clock.

Feb 26th 2008, 14:33 GMT

k5n Desktop Calendar 0.9.7

k5n Desktop Calendar application is a calendar application for your desktop.

Jan 22nd 2008, 06:39 GMT

Wallcal 0.1

Wallcal is a simple, stupid, useless calendar for your desktop.

Jun 27th 2006, 17:15 GMT