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CYCAS is a 2D/3D CAD package.

Feb 23rd 2008, 08:41 GMT

BOSS Presentation Tool 2.0

BOSS Presentation Tool is a front-end design using GTK to the keyjnote application.

Feb 22nd 2008, 16:26 GMT

GKmap 0.2

GKmap is a free K-Map disclosure software, which is developed to solve the Digital Electronics des...

Feb 14th 2008, 23:28 GMT

CAPSIM Text Mode Kernel 6.1

CAPSIM Text Mode Kernel (TMK) is a hierarchical interactive block diagram simulation and design sy...

Jan 18th 2008, 16:07 GMT
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DB Designer Fork 1.3

DB Designer Fork is a fork of the fabFORCE DBDesigner 4.

May 11th 2007, 20:58 GMT

Open Site Builder Tools 3.6.0

Open Site Builder Tools is a project that provides you with free software intended for professiona...

Apr 17th 2007, 15:25 GMT

DBDesigner Preview 2

DBDesigner is a program to create any visual design of MySQL databases.

Jul 19th 2006, 05:35 GMT

RF Toolbox 3.2.0

RF Toolbox is an antenna design and electronics/electrical tool package.

Aug 30th 2005, 16:58 GMT

QCADesigner 2.0.3

QCADesigner is a CAD-like tool for the design and simulation of circuits based on Quantum Cellular...

Aug 5th 2005, 02:56 GMT

GSpeakers 0.11

GSpeakers is a loudspeaker design program designed for the Gnome desktop.

Jul 19th 2005, 22:07 GMT

Pcb 20050315

Pcb is an application for designing printed circuit boards.

Apr 1st 2005, 17:09 GMT
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