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mylvmbackup 0.16

A complex command-line Perl script for creating backup archives of MySQL databases

Dec 30th 2014, 15:53 GMT

MySQL Backup for lazy sysadmins 0.9

An Open Source Perl script for automating the backup process of MySQL databases.

Feb 4th 2014, 15:20 GMT

phpMyBackupPro 2.4

A Web-based MySQL backup program

Aug 17th 2013, 15:20 GMT

python-sqlite3-backup 1.0

Sqlite3 online backup API implementation

Mar 30th 2012, 01:29 GMT

msrestore 0.1

Backup sync aid for mysql-zrm and more

Jan 21st 2012, 05:26 GMT

Innobackupex2 0.1.0

Easy MySQL hot backups with Xtrabackup

Jan 19th 2012, 02:17 GMT