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Socat / 2.0.0 Beta 7

An Open Source relay targeted at bidirectional data transfer between two independent data channels

Dec 8th 2014, 10:29 GMT

Grapple 0.9.8

Grapple is a network layer, designed for games but usable anywhere.

Aug 5th 2009, 09:58 GMT

nettee 0.2.0

Nettee is a network "tee" program.

Apr 22nd 2008, 08:04 GMT

progress 1.0

Progress is a utility used in a pipe to report progress of data transfer to standard error.

Jul 1st 2006, 07:05 GMT

Fedut 2.0.1

Fedut is a Java 2.0 swing based application for File Explorer Data Url Transfer.

Feb 23rd 2006, 18:23 GMT

udp_copy2 1.0

udp_copy2 implements plaintext non-interactive data transfer over UDP/IPv4 with a preset transfer ...

Feb 7th 2006, 16:56 GMT