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Greasemonkey 2.3

A powerful Firefox extension that allows users to customize how a website is displayed

Dec 11th 2014, 11:06 GMT

GCC MELT 1.0.2

An Open Source, high-level domain specific language for customizing and extending GCC

Dec 18th 2013, 07:49 GMT

Conky configuration

A lightweight, yet powerful configuration for Conky

Jun 12th 2013, 08:57 GMT

Custubuntu 0.9.3

Customize your Ubuntu with Custubuntu

Apr 26th 2013, 08:08 GMT

fonts-tweak-tool 0.3.1

A tool to tweak fonts in Linux

Apr 24th 2013, 11:05 GMT

ScenarLang 1.1.9 Beta

A DSL that shortens the set up mockito based unit tests

Mar 9th 2013, 10:54 GMT

my315ok.portlet.logo 1.0-r191

A portlet for customize site logo

Oct 3rd 2011, 21:41 GMT

JavaLog Analyser 20070507

JavaLog Analyser allows you to customize your log files in real time with text and color filters.

May 8th 2007, 18:35 GMT

ePoll 2.25

ePoll provides a Web-based poll written in server side Java.

Feb 27th 2007, 01:05 GMT

config-mplayer 0.1

config-mplayer is a small GUI program for customizing your mplayer configuration.

Feb 26th 2007, 15:37 GMT