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Zukitwo Cupertino 0.5.3

This is the official Zukitwo theme designed especially for the GNOME Shell interface

Dec 18th 2013, 10:54 GMT

MediterraneanNight 2.03

A Adwaita cupertino modification

Jun 22nd 2013, 06:08 GMT

Gnome Cupertino 2.1.5

A Cupertino like theme for your GNOME desktop

Apr 16th 2013, 06:08 GMT

Shell cupertino 0.1

An OSX style for GNOME Shell

Dec 17th 2012, 16:22 GMT

Lion-theme-reloaded 0.3

A Mac OS X Lion lookalike theme for Ubuntu 12.10

Nov 23rd 2012, 20:33 GMT

Faience-ZukitwoCupertino 0.1

Faience theme with top bar/panel from Zukitwo Cupertino

Nov 3rd 2012, 14:43 GMT

Adwaita Cupertino GTK3 theme 1.0

A Mac OS X like theme for your GNOME desktop

Oct 12th 2012, 22:08 GMT

Adwrita Cupertino Modified

A mod of the Adwrita Cupertino theme for GNOME 3

Oct 4th 2012, 22:14 GMT

Adwaita Cupertino Flavors

Mac OS X like theme for your GNOME desktop

Sep 29th 2012, 23:04 GMT

Adwaita Cupertino 1.4.3

A modification of the Adwaita theme for GNOME

Aug 27th 2012, 06:33 GMT

Faenza-Cupertino 2011-10-15

An icon theme for your GNOME desktop

Oct 17th 2011, 11:28 GMT

Faenza-Cupertino-Dark 0.1

Faenza-Cupertino for dark panels

Oct 17th 2010, 13:42 GMT