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Minas 1.0

Minas provides a Java application which simulates bridge construction.

Mar 13th 2007, 02:05 GMT

icontact 1.5

icontact project is a a Perl script used to create "contact sheets" from many different graphic im...

Nov 25th 2006, 01:05 GMT

sunplasma 1.0.1

sunplasma project is a three dimensional virtual fly-through landscape simulation.

Nov 18th 2006, 01:05 GMT

allbib 0.4.3

allbib project is a Perl-GTK script for managing bibliographies.

Oct 21st 2006, 09:05 GMT

wfb2sql 0.6

wfb2sql is a tool wirtten in Perl that converts the CIA World Factbook into an SQL database.

Oct 12th 2006, 23:05 GMT

Tarlisted 2.2

Tarlisted takes lines of text as an input and creates tar archive based on that information.

May 18th 2006, 18:37 GMT