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django-session-csrf-cookie 0.1

Django middleware that works with session-csrf and sends a CSRF token cookie

Aug 21st 2012, 09:22 GMT

pyramid_subscribers_cookiexfer 0.0.3

Transfers cookies from request to response on exceptions

Apr 19th 2012, 15:29 GMT

django-visitor 0.1.5

Track visitors across your site using a cookie

Dec 16th 2011, 06:38 GMT

CookiePie 1.0.4

CookiePie is a Firefox extension enabling you to maintain different cookies storage in different t...

Sep 4th 2009, 08:19 GMT

Surf Jack 0.2 Beta

A tool which allows one to see cookies on HTTP connections

Oct 30th 2008, 09:24 GMT