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Xfce 4 Xmms Plugin 0.5.1

Xfce 4 Xmms Plugin lets the user control XMMS, Beep or Audacious players.

Mar 7th 2007, 15:41 GMT

simpleXMMS Modified

simpleXMMS Modified is a small karamba XMMS theme based on Simple XMMS by belyi.

Jun 29th 2006, 17:05 GMT

rmRemote 0.2

rmRemote project lets you remote control xmms with a REALmagic Remote.

Apr 19th 2006, 17:22 GMT

GkrellMMS 2.1.22

GKrellMMS is a plugin which allows you to control XMMS from within GKrellM.

Apr 18th 2006, 21:10 GMT