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Docker 1.7.1 / 1.8.0 RC1

An Open Source project that pack, deploy and execute any ap as a lightweight container

Jul 27th 2015, 23:00 GMT

Apache Tomcat 8.0.24

An Open Source implementation of the JavaServer Pages and Java Servlet technologies

Jul 7th 2015, 14:12 GMT

Bitnami Railo Stack

An all-in-one, cross-platform and free installer for easy deployment of the Railo server

Dec 17th 2014, 09:00 GMT

Boot2Docker 1.2.0

A free, open source and very lightweight distribution of Linux designed around Docker

Oct 16th 2014, 07:39 GMT

LAVA Server 0.18.1

LAVA Server Application Container

Sep 21st 2012, 12:52 GMT

m01.mongo 0.10.1

MongoDB connection pool and container implementation for Zope3

May 25th 2012, 03:07 GMT 3.9.2

Zope Container

Jan 25th 2012, 14:26 GMT

ScramDisk 1.3.0

A suite of Linux tools and a graphical user interface (GUI) which allow the creation and access to...

Apr 23rd 2009, 09:27 GMT

Winstone 0.9.10

Winstone is a servlet container that was written out of a desire to provide servlet functionality.

Jan 22nd 2008, 08:44 GMT

SwingWeb 2.0.0 Beta 1

Swingweb is an implementation of the AWT toolkit that enables an AWT/Swing application to operate ...

Apr 25th 2007, 19:35 GMT