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EditorConfig 0.11.3

A tool for the developers that need to maintain the same coding style with multiple text editors.

Apr 2nd 2013, 09:19 GMT

Gconf Editor 3.0.1

Gconf Editor is an editor for the GConf configuration system.

Nov 29th 2011, 06:59 GMT

Arch Linux Systemcfg Helper 0.2c

Easy edit Arch Linux configuration files

Feb 11th 2011, 14:59 GMT

iconf 0.3.1b Beta

iconf is a tool that modifies plain text configuration files according to user defined configurati...

Jan 16th 2008, 22:34 GMT

phpSC 0.5b

phpSC is a PHP based shoutcast control panel and easy GUI modification of the shoutcast configurat...

Jan 1st 2008, 01:54 GMT

Kochizz 1.0 RC2

Kochizz is an Apache HTTP Server configuration editor.

Sep 13th 2007, 14:44 GMT