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Thinknowlogy 2013r2

A free program that tries to prove that computers are capable of processing natural language

Nov 13th 2013, 15:35 GMT

FisicaLab 0.3.2

A free program for solving physics problems

Mar 14th 2013, 14:59 GMT

Knotview 0.1.0 / 0.2.0 RC2

Knotview is a crossing between a concept mapper, a wiki and a database.

Mar 18th 2008, 01:15 GMT
  • RPG

Arachne 0.32

Arachne project is a Perl-driven adventure and RPG game.

Jan 6th 2007, 01:05 GMT

Tadpoles 0.5

Tadpoles is a 4-player action game similar to QBasic's Nibbles.

Dec 8th 2006, 21:05 GMT

Emnu, new menu for KDE(proof of concept) 0.1

Emnu, new menu for KDE(proof of concept) is a proof of concept I finished at aKademy.

Sep 25th 2006, 14:18 GMT

ToscanaJ 1.6

ToscanaJ is a Java reimplementation of the classic Formal Concept Analysis frontend Toscana.

Apr 11th 2006, 21:06 GMT

R2cl 0.1

R2cl is a minimal, proof of concept translator from the R or S language into Common Lisp.

Jan 10th 2006, 18:11 GMT