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django-bundledmedia 0.1 Beta 3

Django application for adding compressed CSS and JavaScript files in some prepared slots

Jun 9th 2012, 13:04 GMT

Cromfs 1.5.10

A compressed read-only filesystem for Linux.

Jul 31st 2011, 20:36 GMT

Compcache 0.6.2

Compressed in-memory swap device for Linux

Jan 29th 2010, 11:25 GMT

Razzak compressed HTML file maker and viewer 1.1

Cross platform help/documentation authoring from html pages

Mar 31st 2009, 06:07 GMT

Crypt::OpenPGP::Compressed 1.03

Compressed data packets.

Sep 8th 2008, 11:30 GMT

Squashfs 3.4

Squashfs is a compressed read-only filesystem for Linux.

Aug 27th 2008, 06:58 GMT
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LinuxBIOS 2-3498

LinuxBIOS is a project that aims to replace the normal BIOS with a little bit of hardware initiali...

Aug 12th 2008, 05:49 GMT

Zipper 1.2

Zipper is a tool for inspecting the contents of a compressed archive and for extracting.

May 22nd 2007, 20:35 GMT

zisofs-tools 1.0.8

zisofs-tools are tools for creating a compressed ISO9660 filesystems.

May 17th 2007, 14:35 GMT

compFUSEd 200712321

compFUSEd is a simple compressed overlay fs that supports both READ and WRITE operations.

May 4th 2007, 03:35 GMT

AllInOneRuby 0.2.11

AllInOneRuby creates a compressed executable for Windows, Linux or Mac OS X.

Apr 16th 2007, 17:35 GMT

Zebedee 2.5.3

Zebedee is a simple program to establish an encrypted, compressed "tunnel" for TCP/IP or UDP data ...

Jul 13th 2006, 23:05 GMT

gzLogger 0.1

gzLogger is a simple PHP5 library that allows the user to log information to compressed flat files.

Feb 7th 2006, 18:37 GMT