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Splaticus 0.5

Splaticus is a command-line-based bug management system.

Mar 10th 2008, 10:59 GMT

Open RETS Client 0.8.1

The Open RETS Client (ORC) is a command-line application designed to retrieve Multiple Listing Ser...

Dec 29th 2007, 16:14 GMT

resample 0.1

Resample is a small commandline application for samplerate conversion and playback of audio data.

Aug 1st 2006, 02:05 GMT

cdtool 2.1.8pre2

cdtool is a free software package to control the audio functions of an attached CDROM drive from t...

Oct 18th 2005, 11:05 GMT

numtracks 2.0

numtracks is a simple utility program which will just echo the number of audio tracks a CD-ROM has...

Oct 18th 2005, 06:05 GMT