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Dosage 2.12

Dosage is an application that keeps a local mirror of specific Web comics with a variety of options.

Jun 25th 2013, 14:45 GMT

ComixCursors 0.7.3

ComixCursors is an icon pack which provides original Comix Cursors.

Aug 9th 2012, 14:12 GMT

django-pariah 0.2

A Django app for web comics

Mar 6th 2012, 15:16 GMT

ScenePainter 3.10

ScenePainter is a software for creating comics.

Jan 8th 2012, 15:05 GMT

Kabayan 0.1

A free TrueType font for Linux

Jul 15th 2011, 11:23 GMT

Gnome Comics Organizer 0.5.2

Gnome Comics Organizer is a program to help keep track of your comic book collection.

Jan 17th 2011, 10:27 GMT

FlexGet 1.2.90

A multipurpose automation tool for different content

Oct 20th 2010, 12:19 GMT
  • KDE

ComicBook Thumbnail Plugin 0.1

Comicbook Thumbnail Plugin for KDE 4

Oct 26th 2009, 13:28 GMT

ComicMan 0.1.0

ComicMan downloads Web comics from the Internet to your hard drive.

May 12th 2009, 16:36 GMT

ghunter 0.0.5

Lightweight Electronic Comic Viewer

Dec 4th 2008, 20:05 GMT

XKCD viewer 0.1

Simple GTK front-end for

Oct 18th 2008, 01:30 GMT

Comic Strips 0.3

A screenlet that downloads comics.

Sep 18th 2008, 00:12 GMT

Previews Reader 0.5.0

Previews Reader is a GNOME interface for reading the Diamond Comics Previews catalog.

Jun 13th 2008, 09:24 GMT

ComicScreenlet 0.0.10

ComicScreenlet is a screenlet that lets you view online comics on your desktop.

Apr 21st 2008, 09:44 GMT

Why Can't I Connect? 1.10.1

Easily resolve TCP/IP connection errors with this open source and cross-platform application
Why Can't I Connect?

Ubuntu Cloud Server 15.04 Alpha 2

The official cloud server edition of the Ubuntu Linux operating system, deployable on the cloud
Ubuntu Cloud Server

Kadu 1.5 / 2.0 Beta 1

An universal and multi-protocol IM application for all Linux-based operating systems

Adobe Flash Player

The official Adobe Flash Player plugin for web browsers on 32-bit Linux operating systems
Adobe Flash Player

Xubuntu Naga 24_01_15

An Open Source Linux distribution based on Xubuntu and designed for Naga44 Association
Xubuntu Naga

gscan2pdf 1.3.0

An Open Source application to easily produce PDF files from multiple scanned documents

VirtualGL 2.3.3

An Open Source software that allows remote display apps to run OpenGL applications

Clam AntiVirus 0.98.6

An open source and cross-platform anti-virus toolkit for most UNIX operating systems
Clam AntiVirus

CherryTree 0.35.7

A GTK text editor and note taking application for the GNU/Linux operating system

Ubuntu GNOME 15.04 Alpha 2

A special edition of Ubuntu Linux, built around the GNOME graphical desktop environment
Ubuntu GNOME

D2X-XL 1.17.92

An Open Source and completely free Descent 2 OpenGL port for Linux operating systems

FileBot 4.5.6

The ultimate movie and TV renamer, and subtitle downloader for Linux operating systems

Qtractor 0.6.5

An Open Source audio and MIDI multi-track sequencer application for Linux systems

The Legend of Edgar 1.19

An Open Source 2D platformer game with a persistent world, for Linux and Windows
The Legend of Edgar

LMMS 1.1.1

One of the best free alternative to commercial apps like FruityLoops, Cubase and Logic
% discount
Clam AntiVirus
  • Clam AntiVirus
  • CherryTree
  • Ubuntu GNOME
  • D2X-XL
  • FileBot
  • Qtractor
  • The Legend of Edgar
  • LMMS
  • Why Can't I Connect?
  • Ubuntu Cloud Server
  • Kadu
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Xubuntu Naga
  • gscan2pdf
  • VirtualGL

Vulpive 0.3

Vulpive is webcomic archive software with all of the common features of other online comics, plus ...

Dec 6th 2007, 07:58 GMT

KomiksSinfest 15.03.2007

KomiksSinfest is a small SuperKaramba theme based on Comics theme by darius.

Apr 4th 2007, 14:25 GMT

Superchick 0.4

Superchick project is a program to view manga.

Nov 30th 2006, 20:05 GMT

C Comic Collection 0.04

C Comic Collection project is a GTK application for downloading, cataloging, and viewing Web comics.

Nov 15th 2006, 04:05 GMT

ComicViewer alpha3

ComicViewer project is a time-saving tool for avid readers of online comics.

Nov 9th 2006, 07:05 GMT

comics 0.2

comics is a simple karamba application to fetch daily comic strip to your desktop.

Jul 27th 2006, 16:36 GMT

DailyStrips 1.0.28

DailyStrips is a utility to download your favorite online comic strips each day.

Jun 24th 2006, 06:05 GMT

Webcomics Collector 0.5.3

Webcomics Collector is a GPL'ed python script for downloading webcomics.

Jun 22nd 2006, 08:05 GMT

Jeff's News Aggregator 1.2

A tool to download news and comics and place in them in a custom page of your choosing.

Jun 6th 2006, 18:43 GMT

ComicReader 0.4

ComicReader is an advanced software program which can download daily comics to your pc.

Apr 23rd 2006, 10:35 GMT

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Comic Browser 2.0

Comic Browser allows you to easily read online comics.

Apr 10th 2006, 14:59 GMT

comic2email 0.3

comic2email is a script which will leech your favourite web based comics and drop them into your i...

Feb 11th 2006, 23:33 GMT

Garfield comics 0.1

Garfield comics is a very easy theme that can downloads daily Garfield comic strip from garfield.c...

Jul 22nd 2005, 17:44 GMT